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A Full Spectrum of Possibilities


ColorThisWorld Communications is an expression of my mission to build a healthier, more just, and more vibrant world. Through my commitment to values-based communications, I help organizations, initiatives, and campaigns working for social change to be as effective and transformative as they can be.



There are a myriad of ways that you can communicate with your audiences. But how do you really engage with people and inspire them? I can help you tap the power of visual, written, and multimedia communication to spark new ideas, touch hearts and minds, and ultimately transform the way we move through the world.



Looking for communications, public relations, and marketing support for your organization, initiative, or campaign? Want to add a splash of crimson, a smattering of indigo, some zesty green to your efforts? Let’s explore how we can be a force for good, together.



A Broken Hallelujah

This morning, while scrolling endlessly through my Instagram feed, I was struck by a photo posted by a woman in the U.K. whose Instagram account I follow. Her name is Julie Jones and she goes by the moniker of the “Soulful Baker.” Her posts often show the most artfully created baked pies and treats which she makes completely from scratch with utmost mindfulness and beauty. What’s equally striking about Julie’s feed are the occasional posts and short musings about her “mum,” who is suffering from severe dementia. This morning’s post was one of those, and it really caused an ache in my heart. It reminded me of pictures I used to take of me and my dad, who also suffered from severe dementia before he passed in 2016. In fact, just to look at their faces, you might think my dad and Julie’s mom were sister and brother.

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Resolving to Be Young Again

This past New Year’s Day, I awoke early in the morning, troubled by a strange thought. While my heart was filled with gratitude for the chance to embark on another year of life ahead, my brain reminded me that later this year, I would turn 44 years old.

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Every Day is New Year’s Day

There is a beautiful hush about this particular Monday, January 1, 2018. It is as though the whole world is re-evaluating itself and its life path. The highways and bi-ways were unusually spacious for a Northern California weekday. The sun seemed to have fallen into an afternoon nap, resting its rays on us with soft energy. Those who are out milling about are not in a hurry or rush. They smile more. Some even go so far as to greet me with “Happy New Year” even though we are passing strangers.

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