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A Full Spectrum of Possibilities


ColorThisWorld Communications is an expression of my mission to build a healthier, more just, and more vibrant world. Through my commitment to values-based communications, I help organizations, initiatives, and campaigns working for social change to be as effective and transformative as they can be.



There are a myriad of ways that you can communicate with your audiences. But how do you really engage with people and inspire them? I can help you tap the power of visual, written, and multimedia communication to spark new ideas, touch hearts and minds, and ultimately transform the way we move through the world.



Looking for communications, public relations, and marketing support for your organization, initiative, or campaign? Want to add a splash of crimson, a smattering of indigo, some zesty green to your efforts? Let’s explore how we can be a force for good, together.



Saints and Souls and the Weight of the World

“We are all in the process of dying,” my friend said, dropping this tidbit of reality on me with the same air of casualness that one might comment on the weather. I was probably in my mid to late twenties when he and I had one of our many conversational debates about something or other, and he’d often raise this point to me. Death was not in the forefront of my mind much then. In fact, as I recall my twenties, I was probably more focused on paying my rent, finishing graduate school, and living out my purpose in life than I was in facing the fact that I was dying.

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From Sea to Shining Sea: My Journey to California

I’m having an anniversary this month. It’s a celebration! Twenty years this month, perhaps even to this very day as I write this, I set up my new home in California and I haven’t looked back. I remember quite vividly making the trek into Oakland, California in a caravan with my dad. He drove the Uhaul truck with my belongings. And, I followed behind in my blue-grey Toyota Cressida packed with even more of my belongings…because, I have never mastered the art of traveling lite.

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East Coast, West Coast, and All the Life Lived in Between

There are certain qualities that define the peak of summer in Maryland. And I revel in them all. Everything is lush and green and alive, and the air often thick with heat and humidity and the smell of fescue and ryegrass. Mornings are filled with the songs of all variety of woodland birds, from the red-breasted robin to the Carolina wren, the caw of black crows and the triplet coo, coo, coo of morning doves. Birds warble, low light pierces through trees, large insects zip by — horse flies, bumble bees, big black cicadas that sometimes smack into me as I stroll down the driveway to fetch the morning paper.

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