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A Full Spectrum of Possibilities

ColorThisWorld Communications is a social change communications consultancy dedicated to building a healthier, more just, and more vibrant world. Through a commitment to values-based communications, I help organizations, initiatives, and campaigns working for positive social change be the force for good they want to be in the world.

There are a myriad of ways that you can communicate with your audiences. But how do you really engage with people and inspire them? I can help you tap the power of visual, written, and multimedia communication to spark new ideas, touch hearts and minds, and ultimately transform the way we move through the world.
Looking for communications, public relations, and marketing support for your organization, initiative, or campaign? Want to add a splash of crimson, a smattering of indigo, some zesty green to your efforts? Let’s explore how we can be a force for good, together.

Movement, Freedom, and the Promise of a Better Life

I’ve come to realize that movement is an essential element to my happiness. While I have strong emotions that tie me to a sense of place and home, not a day goes by where I am not somehow moving — throwing myself out into the world to run, bike, walk, hike, and lately (thanks to the proliferation of electric scooters all over town) scooting! I recently got myself my own set of automotive wheels that, I confess, has brought me great joy as it now allows me to hit the road to just about anywhere there is a road.

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The Great Intersection: Lessons from the Science of Happiness Gathering

I was attending a 4-day Science of Happiness event in Scott’s Valley, California this past weekend when Jack Kornfield, a renowned meditation teacher and Buddhism scholar, started us off us with a powerful meditation on themes of happiness and suffering and human connection. It was the first morning of our gathering, and amid the many nuggets of wisdom Jack shared with these themes, there was this poem by Mark Nepo that took hold of me.

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Discover Life Outside the Computer Screen

Love the outdoors? I do. Oh, how I do! And my hope is that more people would come to love the outdoors too. I love to go for long runs along the water’s edge or lovely mountainside trail, losing myself in my thoughts. I love journeying through long bicycling rides, alone or with friends, along less-traveled roads that twist and turn through shaded groves and open trailways. I love catching the smell of eucalyptus trees while hiking. I love the magic of kayaking in a quiet estuary or bay and discovering new pockets of life hidden in rocks and coves. Even a simple walk in the hills around my neighborhood, feeling the fresh breeze of air and marveling at the colors of every flower patch I encounter, can be life-giving.

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