Logo and Branding for California Environmental Literacy Initiative

Project Details

Client:   California Environmental Literacy Initiative (a project of Ten Strands)
Date:     December 2018

Skills:    Brand Identity, Graphic Design

The California Environmental Literacy Initiative is a collaboration of public and private organizations working to increase access to environment-based learning for California’s K-12 students. The initiative is a project of Ten Strands, an organization dedicated to building environmental literacy for students throughout California. Ten Strands wanted to develop a brand identity specific to this initiative and enlisted the support of LightBox Collaborative to develop the initiative’s name and brand framework. LightBox Collaborative then brought me in to develop the brand visual identity.

I put together this brand guidebook as a culmination of this body of work. It includes the brand framework that LightBox Collaborative developed as well as the brand logo and visual identity system that I designed. Ten Strands chose this logo form that features a five-sided circular figure evoking the image of people huddled in a circle. The three interior symbols — bear, redwood trees, and gray whale — are meant to evoke the California natural environment. Colors and typeface choices were drawn from and made to pair with the Ten Strands brand visual identity.